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Pidato Bahasa Inggris : National Education Day

Pidato Bahasa Inggris " National Education Day"

Potingan saya kali ini tentang Pidato Bahasa Inggris berjudul Hari Pendidikan Nasional ( National Education Day). Mungkin saja, siswa kita pengen tambil di hari besar ini. Mungkin naskah pidato bahasa inggris ini bisa jadi bahan menyusun naskah baru yang sesuai dengan konteks daerah dan sekolah kita masing-masing. Berikut di bawah ini naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggrisnya.

Asslamualaikum wr. wb.

The honorable ones the principle of SMA Negeri Tilamuta, all teachers and administration staff of SMA Negeri Tilamuta and all my friends.

Before I begin to give a speech, I would like to invite you to thank to Allah the Almighty, Who has given us Mercy and Blessing, so we can meet together in this blessing place. And also I don't forget to deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW, Who has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, so we are always in the right way.

Ladies and gentlemen

It be a great honor for me, to stand right here in front of you all to give a speech about education under the title "What happen with our education?" in this National Education Day or HARDIKNAS.

To begin this speech, I would ask you two things about our education. What happen with our education?  Is our education well enough or bad enough if we compere with other country?

If you have ever heard about the news last year about our international education rank, you would be surprised. As quoted form Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report  2011 which is published by UNESCO and launched in New York on Sunday, 1/3/2011,  our international education rank is at 69th place from 129 surveyed countries all over the world. This rank is lower than in 2010.

It opens a question that runs in my head, what happen with our education? Indonesia is a great country with many talented young generations. It was undoubted again that there are so many Indonesian students who win the international education Olympiads such as mathematics, chemical, physics and other. But why our international education rank is still low. So what happen with with our education?

Our government had made some policies which relate to the improvement of our educational standard by improving the national examination (UN) standard which rise year by year. Our government also made an effort to improve our educational standard by improving the teachers' quality with a program which well known as "Sertifikasi". But why our education rank never change. So what happen with our with education?

Ladies and gentlemen

So what happen with our education?
But sooner I realize one thing. Our education rank actually depends on one thing, only one thing. Our education rank depends on us. Good or bad the education of the countries depend on their students. If we want to change our bad educational paradigm, lets begin with change our perspective with the terms of education itself by keep trying, keep studying, keep innovating, keep inventing for sake of our education.

Not much that I can say to day, just a few of words above that I can deliver to you at this moment, thank a lot for your attention and I also ask forgiveness for my mistakes, and the last I say:

Wasalamualaikum wr. wb.

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